MY day

Today started great, woke with hunter at 8, snuck into DH's bed to snuggle as a family. I really cherish our early morning snuggletime. We layed in there for an hour or so until it was time for J to get ready for work. Hunter and I snuggled a bit more while daddy took His shower. After J left, Hunter and I had a delicious breakfastof fruity pebbles and milk. :D I finished tidying up the livingroom and kitchen before choosing my daily chore cards from my organizer. Bathroom day, so i scrubbed and swept, mopped and shined up the mirrors of both bathrooms. Nice, now the whole house is clean again. I also cleaned out the fridge because I forgot to do it yesterday. Its sparkling now, and that funny smell is gone. *chuckles* I also cleaned out under one of the cupboards because it was really unorganized and messy.

I danced a short while today, going over each beginner movement that I can remember, trying to get it all back in my head. Its really sort of like riding a bike though. A little practice...

For dinner tonight, i roasted some beets, and sauteed their greens in bacon fat and shallots, drizzling them with vinegar when they were done. We also had ribeye steaks which were seared to perfection and medium rare, just how J likes it. :)

After dinner, I cleaned up Hunters toys and put the dishes away. Its now nice and clean for when J gets home tonight. He appreciated a clean house even more than I do.

I know this might just seem like boring old nothing much to say stuff, but let me just say that I value my simple mostly uncomplicated life more than words can say. My wild boy, my bratty girl, and my amazing husband, (oh, and our awesome dog cloe) I wouldn't trade my life with anyone.


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