my boy is so charming.

I know we have our wild crazy yogurt filled days around here but then theres days like yesterday where all he wanted to do was hug me, kiss me and bring me special things from around the house. "eeko mommy" as he hands me a bit of paper he found on the floor..."eeko mommy" as he hands me a roll of t.p. he "found" in the bathroom...thank you baby boy. What a big helper. "eeko mommy...sfeef" as he hands me the broom which he found in the garage. What a good boy, helping mama clean. After lunch he comes over crawls up in my lap and says..."kiss mommy" so I pucker up and receive the sweetest applesauce flavored kiss of my life. He kisses me over and over and over because it is his favorite thing to do. kiss...kiss...kiss. Ahhhh, what a charming delicious applesauce flavored boy.


At 9:01 PM, Anonymous mamapez said...

Aww! What a sweetie pie! It sure makes up for those yogurt-flinging days alright. :D


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