Here's how i feel about art.

After reading a pals blog entry about tiers, and art...(hey g! :)) I was thinking about art myself, and the way i see it, the way i relate to art and artists. I used to think it would be so great to go to art school and learn about the history and proper techniques etc...but i don't think I would ever do that now. I think that when a person goes to art school (or any school) and learns the "proper" way of doing things some raw natural artistic instinct is taken from them and i dont think it can be replaced. This isnt to say that people who go to art school can't be great artists of course, Im sure they can...its just that I think they see art differently after learning too much about it, and i think thats a spoiler of sorts for the actual art. To look at someones art and be unable to just "see" it, in my opinion is a tragedy. I want my eyes to be the judge of the art I view...not my brain. That is my rambling of the week.

ETA: I hope theres no offense taken in my statements, I was just comparing and contrasting my personal feelings...:)


At 8:05 PM, Blogger Sage Femme said...

i think that there are some similar arguments about midwifery school. it's one thing to learn basics, but too many times ideas and philosophies are learned and that takes over any amount of personal intuition or trust that was there prior.


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