Crafty desire to recycle!

I am just itching to go dumpster diving! Here are the places I thought of locally, and I'm sure there are even better places in Portland or Eugene.

Bookstores are great for finding books to alter:
Borders, Book bin, The Library

Craftstores are great for obvious reasons:
Craft warehouse, Michaels, Art Dept, Paperzone, (scrap happy uses a locked area dumpster:(.)

Furniture stores are great for finding beaded lampshades in which the beads can be removed yay!
Furniture Row outlet, rent-a-centers, mcmahans

Thrift stores are great for finding all sorts of cool things for recycling.
Goodwill, Salvation army (after closing)

YAY. I am so excited about the idea of finding cool stuff. I just don't wanna do it alone. Anyone?


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