Hunter is driving me INSANE today. Damn kid won't take his nap, he asks to be put in his crib so i put him in there, only to have him scream to get out 10 seconds later, so i remove him only to have him scream and throw a fit because hes not in his crib anymore. He asks for a booboo, so I lift my shirt and flop one out only to have him throw a friggin fit because I've chosen the wrong boob. I quickly appologize and remove the other boob, only to find that it TOO is the wrong boob. I then flop them both out, figuring he will take his pick, only to discover that he doesnt want a boob anymore, but rather some applesauce. FINE. So I pour him a little bowl of applesauce, and he throws it on the floor. Apparently, it was too cold and He wants yogurt instead. FINE. I pour him a little yogurt which makes him quite happy. So happy in fact, that he shovels as much as he can right into his sweet little mouth, and with a smile and cheeks bulging, he runs into the lifing room and sprays it all over the floor, quickly informing me that cloe has "pooked' on the floor. I lose my temper and holler, "god dammit boy" before I clean up the sticky mess, and now his feelings are hurt and he gives me the most awful sad pathetic little face. I scoop him up and tell him Im sorry for yelling, and kiss him and hug and snuggle him, and hes fine now. He gets down from my lap, and tells me he wants a peach. FINE. We get apeach, and while Im cutting it up he grabs a whole one and takes a big bite from it. I take it away, (causing a hysterical fit) and go back to cutting. He very quickly climbs onto the counter, and grabs another peach, eating a chunk of it before throwing it AT me and jumping down, running into my bedroom to hide. I finish cutting up the rest of the peach, and put the other 2 away and go to get him from my room, only to find that he has taken the wah-coot (vacuum) apart and strewn the dirt and dust from the last several days all over a freshly washed pile of clothes that are waiting to be folded. Fuck. It's all happened before NOON for christsakes. help me. Im drowning.


At 2:25 PM, Blogger Megan said...

I'll just keep repeating my mantra: "Its not because he's a boy, its not because he's a boy...."

I am duly freaked out!

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh god :). something I am *not* looking forward to if we decide to have kids :).


At 9:47 PM, Anonymous mamapez said...

Oh man! Days like these I have to repeat the following phrase "Can't kill him, can't castrate him, must hold out for grandkids!!!"
*hugs* mama!


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