my day

Deep cleaned the living room after cutting some hair this morning. Re-arranged things around a bit which seemed to make alot of extra room. Managed to keep things clean today YAY me! My system of organization is working...Finally, I can be one of those clean people.
For dinner tonight, Im making seared new york steaks that were marinated in my homemade teriyaki, all green salad with broccoli, cucumbers, green onions and my homemade special sauce, sauteed green beans, mushrooms and garlic and jasmine rice with my homemade herb butter... For dessert I made some wicked cinnamon banana bread. For tomorrows breakfast, I have french toast casserole soaking in the fridge and it will have a crunchy caramelly topping. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Jody went night fishing and should be home in a few hours.

my boy is so charming.

I know we have our wild crazy yogurt filled days around here but then theres days like yesterday where all he wanted to do was hug me, kiss me and bring me special things from around the house. "eeko mommy" as he hands me a bit of paper he found on the floor..."eeko mommy" as he hands me a roll of t.p. he "found" in the bathroom...thank you baby boy. What a big helper. "eeko mommy...sfeef" as he hands me the broom which he found in the garage. What a good boy, helping mama clean. After lunch he comes over crawls up in my lap and says..."kiss mommy" so I pucker up and receive the sweetest applesauce flavored kiss of my life. He kisses me over and over and over because it is his favorite thing to do. kiss...kiss...kiss. Ahhhh, what a charming delicious applesauce flavored boy.


unusual? maybe. :D

tonights dinner included beef hot dogs, fresh sauteed green beans, tater tots with louie sauce, and deep fried pickles. :D

Here's how i feel about art.

After reading a pals blog entry about tiers, and art...(hey g! :)) I was thinking about art myself, and the way i see it, the way i relate to art and artists. I used to think it would be so great to go to art school and learn about the history and proper techniques etc...but i don't think I would ever do that now. I think that when a person goes to art school (or any school) and learns the "proper" way of doing things some raw natural artistic instinct is taken from them and i dont think it can be replaced. This isnt to say that people who go to art school can't be great artists of course, Im sure they can...its just that I think they see art differently after learning too much about it, and i think thats a spoiler of sorts for the actual art. To look at someones art and be unable to just "see" it, in my opinion is a tragedy. I want my eyes to be the judge of the art I view...not my brain. That is my rambling of the week.

ETA: I hope theres no offense taken in my statements, I was just comparing and contrasting my personal feelings...:)


I got in touch with my old friend D today. She lives in Mississippi and I had been worrying about her since Katrina. Shes fine, but another of my old friends lost everything. Her home, her car...everything she ever had. She's been staying with my friend D, and has now moved in with relatives in (Missouri?) I also found out in my conversation with D, that 2 of my Dom pals from back in the day have passed away. It was sad for me to hear that, as it had been so long since I had contact with either of them, and they were good friends for a time. My Friend J lives in LA and while He did not lose anything during Katrinas rage, he has evacuated his home in fear of Rita. I heard there are supposed to be even MORE of these hurricanes. Makes me so glad to not live down there, but so worried for so many friends.


mmmm dinner

tonight i made baked wild trout with fresh herbs (jody caught a 24 inch wild trout with a 14 inch girth! MASSIVE) I made to go with it, sauteed cabbage with crispy bacon pieces, and fresh raw sliced zucchinis from the garden with a homemade hummous for dipping. MMMMMMM What a tasty dinner!
In other news, I met with a prospective doula client today and it went really well. I feel like we really meshed well. Shes SO eager to have a homebirth and is trying to find a way to pay for it since her insurance wont cover it. Im hoping she finds a way.



Hunter is driving me INSANE today. Damn kid won't take his nap, he asks to be put in his crib so i put him in there, only to have him scream to get out 10 seconds later, so i remove him only to have him scream and throw a fit because hes not in his crib anymore. He asks for a booboo, so I lift my shirt and flop one out only to have him throw a friggin fit because I've chosen the wrong boob. I quickly appologize and remove the other boob, only to find that it TOO is the wrong boob. I then flop them both out, figuring he will take his pick, only to discover that he doesnt want a boob anymore, but rather some applesauce. FINE. So I pour him a little bowl of applesauce, and he throws it on the floor. Apparently, it was too cold and He wants yogurt instead. FINE. I pour him a little yogurt which makes him quite happy. So happy in fact, that he shovels as much as he can right into his sweet little mouth, and with a smile and cheeks bulging, he runs into the lifing room and sprays it all over the floor, quickly informing me that cloe has "pooked' on the floor. I lose my temper and holler, "god dammit boy" before I clean up the sticky mess, and now his feelings are hurt and he gives me the most awful sad pathetic little face. I scoop him up and tell him Im sorry for yelling, and kiss him and hug and snuggle him, and hes fine now. He gets down from my lap, and tells me he wants a peach. FINE. We get apeach, and while Im cutting it up he grabs a whole one and takes a big bite from it. I take it away, (causing a hysterical fit) and go back to cutting. He very quickly climbs onto the counter, and grabs another peach, eating a chunk of it before throwing it AT me and jumping down, running into my bedroom to hide. I finish cutting up the rest of the peach, and put the other 2 away and go to get him from my room, only to find that he has taken the wah-coot (vacuum) apart and strewn the dirt and dust from the last several days all over a freshly washed pile of clothes that are waiting to be folded. Fuck. It's all happened before NOON for christsakes. help me. Im drowning.


PP Doula work today

And it was fun! I got to hold and snuggle baby N. while mama took some time to spend with her older son, reading to him and then putting him down for a nap. She got to shower too which I imagine was great :) Showers always make you feel better when you've been stuck in your PJ's all day. I swept her floor andpicked up a couple things, but most of the time i got to just sit and hold the wee bean. Hes really an absolutely gorgeous baby with beautiful soft skin and perfect little poochy lips. He's even got himself a dimple in his cheek!
I will be going back Thursday to go grocery shopping for them and hopefully I'll also get some cleaning done for her. I'd love to do some baby massage but I think we won't have time thursday so maybe the next visit. Shes paid for 2 hours x 7 days. Nice! :)
Shes a really cool mama too so its nice to sit and chat with her.

Hunters using his potty all the time (edit: Hes sitting on it all the time, but still mostly using the kitchen floor for the actual deed) GAH. Hes so charming and sweet though.


It keeps me from being lonely.

I almost have the quilt finished. I am hand quilting it and it really takes alot of my time. Thats alright though because I've been feeling really lonely lately and it keeps me from feeling too terribly sorry for myself :P. Everyone I know is too busy or pre-occupied to hang out anymore it seems. Jody's been taking the car to work every day which leaves me unable to really go out and do anything anyway. Gas is just so damn expensive we can't afford for me to galavant around town all day anymore.
I wish my camera was working so I could take pics of my quilt progress. I really need to send the thing in to be fixed.


Freecycle rocks

Have I said recently that I am addicted to Freecycle? I have way too much fun with that. My MIL was going to go buy some river rock for her landscaping, and I happened upon a free ad for river rock this morning. I went and loaded the pickup with 1-3 inch river rock. My arms and back are SO sore. I didn't think little rocks would be that heavy. :D

In other news, one of my hubbys favorite words happens to be "homo". It drives me nuts,but what can I do. He said it in the car today, referring to a dolled up dude in the car next to us. Hunter happily repeated his words... "what a homo" over and over and over again. Thanks daddy. ggrrr

In nicer news, I got a huge stack of multi colored cardstock today YAY paper.


Crafty desire to recycle!

I am just itching to go dumpster diving! Here are the places I thought of locally, and I'm sure there are even better places in Portland or Eugene.

Bookstores are great for finding books to alter:
Borders, Book bin, The Library

Craftstores are great for obvious reasons:
Craft warehouse, Michaels, Art Dept, Paperzone, (scrap happy uses a locked area dumpster:(.)

Furniture stores are great for finding beaded lampshades in which the beads can be removed yay!
Furniture Row outlet, rent-a-centers, mcmahans

Thrift stores are great for finding all sorts of cool things for recycling.
Goodwill, Salvation army (after closing)

YAY. I am so excited about the idea of finding cool stuff. I just don't wanna do it alone. Anyone?


More Hunter words

uh dwee mama?= what are you doing mama?
ah pickm= I want to pick them (as in tomatoes or berries)
eeko mommy= here you go mama
uh sissy go?= where'd sissy go?
moof peez= move please
uh ship= i want a chip
apoo swas= apple sauce
moo seek= music
dewdee= dirty
a daddy wok= is daddy at work?
da-coo= thank you
a wa-coot= vacuum
nee seek= lipstick
and my favorite:
awah-woo= i love you

oh damn this boy is so funny and charming. can I have another? :D


Another trip to the E.R.

This time, the cause was Electricity. Hunter got ahold of my scissors while I was sitting working on a quilt for a friend, and decided it would be a good idea to cut the cord to a lamp which was plugged in. I hear this horrible electrical shredding sound and hunter goes flying into the wall behind the lazy boy. I waited for a second or two and looked him over as I dialed 911. I didnt see any burns, but i wanted to have him checked out anyway because I know electrical damage can be internal and not look like much outside. They drew blood, and took urine and watched him for a couple hours, checking his heart periodically and his blood pressure. Everythings fine and they made me promise to put my damn scissors away. This kids gonna give me wrinkles and grey hair before my time.

If you're kinky and you know it shut your mouth!

I am just sick to death of the "Freedom of speech just as long as you say what I want to hear" Bullshit that goes on at MDC. I started a tribe post for BDsM mamas whoch was not at all graphic or nasty. It has been shut down. What the fuck. We were discussing lifestyle issues that are near and dear to our hearts and it was very helpful to many people. It never got descriptive or naughty. Heres a tidbit that I gleaned from Mama-Drama.net (which is a far superior place to be IMNSHO)

Here is the original post that people were responding to in a very mature way.

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BDsM mamas?
*grins* Surely i'm not the only lifestyler here.....*peers around, looking for other D/s mamas* If this is an inappropriate topic I appologize. The subject matter doesn't have to be graphic or sexual, Its just nice to connect with others who "know".

and in came the police

Cynthia Mosher
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We don't host discussions of this nature. While a tribe is fine for getting to know each other and chatting, discussions that center around sex are not hosted beyond what our User Agreement outlines.

Then of course people were asking that they be able to continue said conversation as it is allowable through the user agreement

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this is ridiculous! Moderator did you read this thread? couldn't you see how much is was helping us and how much we got out of it? this thread was not at all pornographic in nature - just a bunch of like-minded mammas talking about an issue that obviously really needs to be talked about. Is there any way to appeal this decision or are we just stuck conforming to someone elses ignorance?

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While a tribe is fine for getting to know each other and chatting, discussions that center around sex are not hosted beyond what our User Agreement outlines.

Cynthia, it's clear from the discussions being had here that it is not specifically about sex. In fact sex isn't even a requirement for one that lives this way, or engages in these practices. As long as the discussions doesn't include sex talk, can't it stay open? We have had threads about submissive wives, I really don't see this as much different.

08-03-2005, 04:08 PM #35
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I agree. please reconsider your decision. perhaps you are letting your own feelings about s/m dictate your decision. this thread is not about sex specifically, it is about how being mothers changes (or not) our feelings about our sexual selves and how we deal with that. please reconsider. you will be doing a great disservice if you do not allow this website

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How about we take up a collection to buy Alfie Kohn's forthcoming book on unconditional management practices for the MDC staff?

I'm not feeling the "working with" here.

Anyone else?

(And no I'm not serious. I doubt they'd read it anyway.)

It's okay to be non-mainstream, gals, just so long as you do it in the MDC-approved way.



and this is probably my favorite post from that thread


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Originally Posted by tiffani
secondly, I find it humorous that MDC has such a hard time with discussions of sexuality when that's what makes us 'natural families' and 'mothers' in the first place! How do they think those babies get in there anyway? It ain't always vanilla!

OMG! I thought we all had virgin births here!

You mean these other women have had *sex*!?!?

How vile!


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[quote: Cynthia Moser] We don't host discussions of this nature. While a tribe is fine for getting to know each other and chatting, discussions that center around sex are not hosted beyond what our User Agreement outlines. [/quote]

[quote: user agreement] Discussions of a sexual nature should be within the realm of topics inherent to Mothering discussions such as sex after delivery, sex and the family bed, etc.[/quote]

Sounds to me like this thread is well within bounds.
We're talking about post-conception sexuality changes.
Just because our definition of sexuality is broader than "normal", doesn't mean the rules are different for us. That would be discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, wouldn't it?


So, to anyone who needs to be free to speak what they feel without fear of being banished or humiliated for a lifestyle preference...I say, FUCK MDC, and come over to Mama-Drama.net. The water's fine!

Hunters words

Hes got some really cute words so far. Here are a few of them:

ah-pee = airplane
eh-copa = helicopter
bubba fy = butterfly
pee-toes= potatoes
mee toes= tomatoes
deedee= cloe
saws= stars
i need it= I want that
poco= popsicle
ah-cam= ice cream

Im sure there are dozens more and arent they cute? :)