Computer is down, no posts for awhile.

Something is preventing me from being able to get online from my home computer. SUCK ASS.
In recent news...
hunter and I were driven by ambulance to the emergency room last week, because my darling cheeky boy got into my purse and into my bottle of xanax. He ate 4 or 5 of them (.50 each). I called poison control who informed me that that dose of xanax could kill him and that we needed to get him to the E.R. Immediately. We went, and it took 20 minutes for the nurse to come in and see us. In that short time, hunter went from normal busyactivity to not being able to hold up his own body weight. SCARY. He was given liquid charcoal to soak up the poison and after about 4 hours began to hold up his own weight again. This kid is so busy and so into things...its scary. Hes right back to his charming little self now though.
Anyway, probably wont be online much anymore. :*


At 1:31 PM, Blogger birthingway said...


I am so glad Hunter is OK.

Luck with your 'puter getting well soon,

At 9:16 AM, Anonymous mamapez said...

Oh, how scary! I'm so glad he is okay.


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