What is your stand on.....

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Abortion?Leaves a woman feeling empty and guilty.
Death Penalty?For people who habitually rape and kill children. YES. and you can just take yourself right off of my friendslist if you don't agree.
Prostitution?legalize it!
Alcohol?Its a sad drug. Sad people abuse it. i love getting drunk once in awhile though.
Marijuana?Legalize it. Use it sparingly.
Other drugs?Legalize it. Don't use it.
Gay marriage?Of course.
Illegal immigrants?in a utopia, there are no borders. unfortunately we live in a world with terrorists and religious right. Keep them out.
Smoking?YUK. Ashtray breath.
Drunk driving?Don't be a fuckin terd. Call a cab or walk.
Cloning?Ethically wrong.
Racism?been there, done that...its not worth it to hate.
Premarital sex?Old enough to bleed...old enough to breed. (this is according to my redneck brother in law.LOL)
Religion?if it pleases you. Dont push your shit on me.
The war in Iraq?Its time to end.
Bush?Shave it baby!
Downloading music?If only I had cable.
The legal drinking age?should be 16
Porn?mmmmm Mama likes.
Suicide?its the final clue that someone needed some help.

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