Art Fair fun

Hunter and I spent the day down at the art fair. It was nice out, not too hot in the shade. We ate a delicious organic black bean burrito, and drank YUMMILICIOUS organic lemonade. We also shared a chocolate dipped ice cream bar with nuts. MMMM. I got a pair of earrings from Jodys uncle Joseph Brinton, who has a booth (2 this time) at the art fair every year. They are really pretty earrings, with a purple bead and spiral thingies. I love spirals. I saw some really interesting metal sculpture...specifically, this one piece. A metal mesh small womans figure from the chest to the mid thigh, and it was covered in chainlinks, and bike chain things...very bondage-y looking and it reminded me of the time we...oh, perhaps thats for the private blog. *grin*Anyway, there were some lovely garden stake thingys which had goddess figures on them. Really nice. There was an artist who makes glass jewelry and there were these glass hearts for making necklaces or whatever...I kept getting caught by one of them as it glinted in the sunlight. It looked very much like a slightly abstract vulva...all red and delicious like, So I bought it. I stuck it on a satin rope and am wearing it from my neck now. All I need to do is get a proper clasp for it. Next year I am going to have a booth there. Im going to have my knit stitch markers and knit items for sale. This is my plan.


At 4:43 AM, Blogger Navelgazing Midwife said...

We have lots in common (found you via other birth blogs), including the kinky stuff I don't often write about (clients and all reading my words), but while I don't knit, I enjoy your thoughts!

Thanks for writing! Come see me, too, when you get a sec.




At 9:16 AM, Blogger cheekymamaof2 said...

Hey Barb! You're on the Empowered Childbirth Yahoo list too huh! I didn't realize you were that Barb until I went to check out your navelgazing blog! I said to myself...In wonder if this is navelgazing midwife and sure enough! :)
I'm happy to be reading your blogs now! I'm also happy about our shared kink interest. None of my local friends share it (at least in the degree that I do) so its always good to meet another kink friend. And a Midwife to boot! Woohooo!!!!!


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