The Rage of the wee.

How can so much anger possibly come out of someone so small? My love, the sweet bean of my life...my dear darling will-be-2-in-august son threw such a raging fit today, that I thought my ears wouldimplode.He was messing around with his car seat, which was in the house, and he kept getting his little fingers pinched. I finally took it away so he wouldnt get hurt anymore, and he went into a screaming, spitting, kicking, biting, woulda-cussed-if-he-knew-how FIT! I tried to hug him but he punched me and kicked me, so I backed off, and he came after me anyway. Picking up toys and hurling them at me, while screaming so loud and high I feared my windows would shatter. This rage went on for a good solid hour, much of which I sat here at the computer finishing up my emails. The boy finally settled down and went out back to play... I ended up going into the hallway for whatever reason, and I saw some of the effects of my boys anger. He had grabbed a thick, black, felt tipped marker from the third shelf on my bookcase...(meaning he had to climb it to reach it) and he drew a picture of this rage on my nice WHITE laundry room door. Now, I dont have a picture, but let me paint this for you with my words. A large, Black, sinister looking storm of marker ink, covering most of the lower half of my door. Spiraling anger...hurricane grief...black hole of despair. This is now passionately painted on my door. The door that I rent from people who appreciate a nice looking home. UGH. In recent news, my boy is feeling much better since his little self imposed art therapy session. Did I mention hes got it all over his hands and feet and face as well? And his clothes? And...did I mention that I still have NOT found the marker?


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