Quote of the Day

I swiped this from a dear friends website... www.houseofcavalier.com if you're interested in a totally NOT work safe, (unless you work in a leather club) totally NOT kid safe wonderful amazing kink site.
And the Quote of the Day is.....
"I urge you all today, especially today during these times of chaos and war, to love yourself without reservations and to love each other without restraint. Unless you're into leather. And then, by all means, use restraints."
~ Margaret Cho ~


New Obsession

I am totally hooked on making beaded stitch markers! Its all I want to do. Eat, Sleep, Breathe, beads and wire. I made 14 sets last night. WOOHOO! Here is a linky to my new flickr, so you can see my beadies!
hopefully this works...Im not html savvy.


shit, I cant add a picture here to save my life.


The Rage of the wee.

How can so much anger possibly come out of someone so small? My love, the sweet bean of my life...my dear darling will-be-2-in-august son threw such a raging fit today, that I thought my ears wouldimplode.He was messing around with his car seat, which was in the house, and he kept getting his little fingers pinched. I finally took it away so he wouldnt get hurt anymore, and he went into a screaming, spitting, kicking, biting, woulda-cussed-if-he-knew-how FIT! I tried to hug him but he punched me and kicked me, so I backed off, and he came after me anyway. Picking up toys and hurling them at me, while screaming so loud and high I feared my windows would shatter. This rage went on for a good solid hour, much of which I sat here at the computer finishing up my emails. The boy finally settled down and went out back to play... I ended up going into the hallway for whatever reason, and I saw some of the effects of my boys anger. He had grabbed a thick, black, felt tipped marker from the third shelf on my bookcase...(meaning he had to climb it to reach it) and he drew a picture of this rage on my nice WHITE laundry room door. Now, I dont have a picture, but let me paint this for you with my words. A large, Black, sinister looking storm of marker ink, covering most of the lower half of my door. Spiraling anger...hurricane grief...black hole of despair. This is now passionately painted on my door. The door that I rent from people who appreciate a nice looking home. UGH. In recent news, my boy is feeling much better since his little self imposed art therapy session. Did I mention hes got it all over his hands and feet and face as well? And his clothes? And...did I mention that I still have NOT found the marker?



SnB was great yesterday. We met at a super cool little coffee place thats owned by a moms club mama. Amy (mamapez) from the wooly wonder forums came to snb with us which was really great! Shes just totally cool, and I wish she lived closer. Her little dicey pants and perfection shorts were SOOOOO darn cute, and she taught me to norwegian purl! KICK ASS! I learn things so much better when I can see them being done in person. I had a really swell time, and I hope we stay with this new place for awhile.




This time of year,we get the most amazing sunsets. Rich purples fading into blazing oranges, pastel pinks giving way to neon red. Its my favorite time of year for staring out my window into the sunset.

Stitch Markers!!!

Damn I wish I had a digital camera that worked. I made 3 sets of stitch markers today, and I can hardly wait to show them off. Maybe someone will bring their camera to snb tomorrow and be kind enough to take some pics for me? :) *bats my eyelashes*

missin knit

So,I havent knitted much recently, due to my rekindled obsession with ATC's (Artist Trading Cards). I miss knitting alot, but at the same time, its so great to work with paper. I have a NAGGING idea in my head to learn to make stitch markers, and its been reinforced because of reading this: http://woolywonder.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=61161#61161
like one poster says there..."I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head." and I feel the same...but its just soooooooo tempting. Hubby has alot of the things I would need, pliers, head pins, jump rings, and some other things, because he makes handmade fishing lures...*chuckle* OK, I've convinced myself...Im gonna go today and get a few beads and whip out a set. I'll post about it later.


It started out as a slightly disturbing dream, in which I was smoking alot of cigarettes to calm myself...I was in a van/truck thing that was driving too fast, and in a horrid neighborhood. We tried to take a hitchhiker home and he lived up on a very steep hill and our E-brake didnt work so we kept slipping back down towards the freeway.
The scene changed suddenly, and I was in a wooded area with my boy and my little brother among other kids...my parents were in the basement of this old barn, negotiating the price of something or other, and I thought my brother was doing a good enough job of watching my boy, so I went to see what the parents were doing. There was a rushing river very closeby, and I realized that with horror when I looked in the distance and saw my brother chasing my boy right towards it. I started screaming for my boy to stop, and my brother saw what he was doing, and ran as fast as he could to catch up, jumped in front of the boy, and pushed him backwards and away from the river, I thought we were on the safe side, so I chased the boy, trying to catch him so I could keep an eye on him myself. He was so fast It was hard to keep up and suddenly the kids who lived in this area were all screaming at me, "the well the well!!!" I took my eyes off of my fast running boy and looked ahead of him, and sure enough, a small (large enough for him to fall into) uncovered well. It really was a nasty septic tank sort of thing, but in the dream we all called it a well. Hunter fell in head first, as I dove for his leg. I managed to catch the very tip of his toe, and it felt like forever that I struggled to hang on, pinching his little toe so hard, desperately trying not to let go. I did it, I kept him safe, and was able to get him out of the well. I just broke down at that point, screaming at him and crying hysterically. I took him and ran back to my parents, screaming at them and trying to tell the story...It was a very tense dream and I don't ever care to have another like it. I woke up with an insatiable desire to scoop up my boy and smother himwith kisses, but I resisted and let him sleep. It is not even 6 AM after all. Cripes.


OK I really mean it this time.

So, I think I'll go ahead and try this place again. I really do love the look of some of the blogs I see here at blogger.com, and I think once I learn the complicated crap that makes it look so pretty, I'll be glad I did. I thought about having a separate blog for my family/kinky/doula/knitting self, but having 4 blogs is just something that I don't want to keep up with. I think I'll just go ahead and keep my lj which can be found at http://www.livejournal.com/users/cheekymama for reading lj friends, and keep my private journal which can not be found in which I will post my deep dark shit, and then mainly post here about my doula/knitting/family stuff. When I read a blog, I like to read about the whole person, not just one aspect of them. its why I don't follow knitting blogs. (no offense to my many friends who keep separate knitting blogs) but I just don't like to run around all over the net trying to find so and so's 6 different blogs. I really like reading about whole lives, knitting, family, work, stress, joy, sex, fun, animals, bitching, moaning, jumping for joy, and everything all in one nice place. So, thats what I plan on doing here. Mostly. We'll see how it goes. *chuckle* Now, I'm off to figure out how to make this thing look great. and links...I must figure out how to put those nice little linky tag thingys in the sidebar of my blog. anyone help me out?