Oh Craftster!

YAY! you found me :)
I love knitted/crocheted toys like penguins, monkeys, or an octopus.
Tote bags are great, and I love good chocolate. I adore gothy inspired jewelry, long dangly things and beautiful journals. Kiefer Sutherland is my hollywood lust object of choice. (and has been for 10 years) mmmm that boy. I love all sorts of naughtyness and belligerent behavior. :D


moved back to LJ

I guess its been awhile since I posted here. I sort of unofficially moved back to LJ. my username there is cheekymama if you want to catch up. I just like the filters available over there. Some entries are just too personal to share here yanno?


just an update.

So, I've taken up belly dancing again. I have been bitten hard by the dance bug,and when I'm online anymore, its rarely at parenting sites or chat rooms...its belly dancing sites.LOL I am starting from scratch so that I dont frustrate myself too early on. I have worked the last week every day on my basic fast and slow moves, and have been putting together a little choreographed bit to practice with. Its so much fun!


Rearranging fun!

Today, Jody and I moved our computer/computer table/scanner/printer and all that stuff into our bedroom. I rearranged the dining area too and theres SO much more room out there. No more paper mess in the kitchen area which makes it look so much nicer! YAY for rearranging fun!


Well Ding-a-ding-dang my dang-a-long ling-long.

Its WIC recertification time again folks...fun fun fun. Nothing like being badgered about not vaccinating my kid, nothing like the raised eyebrows and jaw drop when they hear hes STILL breastfeeding. Nothing at all like the insistence I face when they try to poke him with a needle to "check him for iron", and I decline. "But he was low last time he was checked", they say. "Hes breastfed," I say, "He will be lower in iron than the bottle fed babies you are used to. His diet is good, and he is growing normally, physically and mentally. Thank you for the visit now give me my vouchers." I am not looking forward to this.


I love books.

Not every book, or all books, but I love certain types of books. That sounds kind of silly, I mean, everyone loves certain types of books. Anyway, I love conversation books. Big thick books that have stories to go along with information. I have in mind specifically, these great cookbooks that I have. One is titled "Hot, Sour, Salty, Sweet...A culinary journey through southeast asia." Its basically a southeast asian cookbook, but its so much more than that. This family (mom, dad, two darling long haired scruffy boys) travels all up and down the mekong river stopping in each town and discovering the food of the different regions. The boys are young and so free. They run off to the towns with the children of whomever offers to host the family for the evening (or week or what have you). These people are truly blessed to be living such an amazing yet simple life. Travelling around and searching for food secrets from all over the world. They are homeschooled (or unschooled likely) and just free to be. There are alot of great stories of their trips, and some scary situations that they found themselves in. All in all its a really fascinating read and great recipes to boot!
The other book I have been thinking of is titled "Soup...A way of life" and its basically all different soup recipes from all over the world, but again it goes deeper. It goes into the lives and homes of these great people and tells such wonderful stories. I just love books like that.

That was fun. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night. Thank you!


No phone

Hunter broke the battery cord on the phone last week, in case anyone wondered why I haven't called. Not that anyone would be around to call, but you know. :P